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Macro kitchen project  hongliang environmental kitchen

Integral kitchen project

Use of mature technology, safe and reliable process; Simple, processing equipment, with good effect to ensure environmental protection facilities operating normally, lampblack treatment emissions standards and meet customer requirements.
Do the whole project layout is reasonable, small floor space, structure and beautiful shape, saving investment and so on several characteristics; Is given priority to with equipment, simple and reasonable process, equipment, long service life, maintenance is simple, convenient, and stable treatment effect.
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The number of meals
Meal times
Budget position
The kitchen area
We need to provide us your canteen daily meals; A meal? Two meals? Three meals?
We need you to provide us number, we according to your number to kitchen targeted to carry on the design.
We need to provide to us as the criteria of your canteen; Luxury? Ordinary? Large? Small?
We need you to give us your dining room area, we will for you according to your area planning layout of the canteen.
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Kitchen engineering plan process
Survey needs to issue the kitchen design drawings, to health department for examination and approval to issue the kitchen equipment and form a complete set of water, electricity and figure drawing to customer and confirm the design drawings to the design institute, design institute to embed the drawing construction blueprint to contractor in accordance with the blueprint to decorate construction, kitchen equipment installation and putting to kitchen equipment commissioning, department of health check acceptance, issued by the hygiene license and put into use
Drawings confirmed, we will be drawing to the health department for examination and approval

Research to understand your needs

The rough macro amount issued by the kitchen design drawings

Macro will confirm drawings given to you
You will design drawings to design institute, design institute to embed the kitchen design drawings construction blueprint
Construction is completed, kitchen equipment and installation of macro
Decorate construction contractor in accordance with the construction blueprint
health department for examination and approval by macro amount to you provide form a complete set of kitchen equipment and water, electricity, a total of 3 sets of drawings

To get the hygiene license, the kitchen can be put into use
Issued by the health department inspection acceptance, acceptance of success, namely the hygiene licence
Equipment installation is put, into the kitchen equipment commissioning
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