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The kitchen lampblack treatment engineering design scheme

Our country is a developing country, the people's government attaches great importance to hand in hand with the development of economic construction and environmental protection. The company with advanced consciousness, conform to the trend to develop its own modern management system, play a positive role for the environment. In order to adapt to the change of the situation, and improve enterprise well-knownness, make the enterprise to the ISO international certification standards, the company in line with the protection of the local environment to benefit the people of advanced consciousness, provide quality management scheme for the kitchen.

The design basis and design principle
2, the principle of design
(1) the use of mature technology, safe and reliable process; Simple, processing equipment, with good effect to ensure environmental protection facilities operating normally, lampblack treatment emissions standards and meet customer requirements.
(2) the whole project to do reasonable layout, small floor space, structure and beautiful shape, saving investment and so on several characteristics; Is given priority to with equipment, simple and reasonable process, equipment, long service life, maintenance is simple, convenient, and stable treatment effect.

1, the design basis
(1) to no. 253 of the state council of the People's Republic of China environmental protection regulations on the administration of the construction projects;
(2), guangdong people's congress in 1994 no. 57 the construction project of guangdong province environmental protection ordinance;
(3) local standards in guangdong province the atmospheric pollutant emission limit value (DB44/27-2001).
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Process flow diagram and its description
Electrostatic except lampblack machine Processing is a kind of new technology, it adopts formed on both ends of Yin and anode high voltage electric field, strong electric field between the poles of air ionization, form the orientation of electron, electron flow and the oil droplets collision, the oil droplets condensed to capture, achieve the purpose of removal, waste oil is easy to handle, to avoid the secondary pollution. High efficiency of the equipment in addition to the lampblack of high removal rate of green, black, small resistance, without replacing consumable materials, and the equipment for the national inspection-exempted products, this design USES efficient electrostatic except lampblack machine this new technology.
This project adopts the environmental protection can be in the same industry in a leading position in the international "collum" type efficient pipeline electrostatic except lampblack machine, this series has the following structure and lampblack machine features:
1, unique ultra-thin pipeline structure, suit against smallpox and the wall installation, equipment access door on the bottom, not beside the equipment reserved for the maintenance of large space, take up the space is small and beautiful.
2, the electric field can be grouped, tear open outfit is convenient, easy to maintenance and repair;
3, by the authority and a large number of applications, in addition to soot efficiency is extremely high, and can remove most of the odor.
Process flow diagram and its description

(1) process:
(2) the process description:
Efficient electrostatic except lampblack machine is the 21st century new patent product, high efficiency electrostatic except lampblack machine equipment is small in size, high security, reliability, is the first choice of lampblack treatment at present stage. Lampblack through efficient electrostatic except lampblack machine, the first by a layer of punching filter plate for coarse filter, removing bulky and foreign body, the soot particles are after the closure of the oil droplets each other into a set in the oil tank at the bottom of the device. Devices installed inside the efficient electrostatic except lampblack machine to form high voltage electric field, the small oil droplets collide into larger particles. Condense oil by adsorption on the anode, so that the rest of the soot particles in flue gas is separated out, after processing of lampblack gas discharging standard. Waste oil into the tank, ? from tubing into the collecting device

(3) the state of emergency and treatment measures

Centrifugal fan doesn't work, please be sure to stop the repair again after boot, or smoke exhaust resistance is big, filter oil removal rate decline; In order to achieve good treatment effect, plate should be cleaned on a regular basis, one month best cleaning plate at a time.

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