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Hotel food and beverage lists with dishwasher to wash dishes and artificial dishwashing
Source: | Author:pmo4119a9 | Publish time: 2016-03-03 | 63 Views | Share:

The key links of tableware is usually catering management is also a weak link, many hotels for the high failure rate of tableware and wash not clean. Tableware damage and no net not only reduces the quality of food, increase the cost of the hotel, there are stains of tableware is affecting the public image of the enterprise and health security, customers are reluctant to visit again.

Use the professional automatic dishwasher is a smart choice, what are his strengths?

1. The more health

Automatic dishwasher to clean the whole no exposure to the outside world, the high temperature can reach 70 degrees Celsius above, which can effectively kill most of the bacteria, kitchen utensils, better protect your health. Clean tableware can also in automatic dishwasher, set his mind at to arrange another time to use. Kitchen items according to the survey of bacteria pollution condition (count) : sponge (100 million ~ 10 billion/a), dish cloth (100 million ~ 100 million /), brush a bowl (10000 ~ 100 million/cm2), chopping board (100 ~ 100000 / cm2), and choppers (1 ~ 100000 / cm2)
Artificial washing the dishes, clean tableware inevitable dishes everywhere, wash bowl between fester, dirty dirty rags and other kinds of cross contamination can be seen everywhere, rinse after bacteria residue is very serious.

2. The cleaner

With efficient dishwasher special-purpose detergent formulation, the main wash, rinse water flow under the action of mechanical function, can be achieved by hand can't reach the cleaning effect. Strong high temperature spray thoroughly wash stubborn stains, the pig cattle and other animal oil washed with high temperature washing can also fully. In every corner of high temperature hot water jet, can flush to the full. By hand (the highest temperature is only 30 ~ 40 ℃ and animal oils and fats such as pig cow is melting temperature 40 ℃ to 50 ℃).
Artificial wash dishes: all kinds of dishes and utensils in the shape of easy cleaning not thoroughly, cause dirt residual stains.

3. More save water

Using automatic dishwasher at least comparable to save three-quarters of water washed by hand.
Artificial washing the dishes, water consumption is not controllable, more waste.

4. More save electricity

Using automatic dishwasher at least comparable to wash (hot water) to save nearly half of the electricity.
Artificial wash dishes: electricity time is not controllable, more waste.

5. Save time

Using automatic dishwasher you only need to wash the dishes in the dishwasher, add special detergent, setting process, the rest can help you do have a dishwasher, and bring you the light clean washing effect.
Artificial wash bowl: a lot of running speed is slower than the dishwasher to wash dishes, cause the tableware reserve quantity is increased, the labor cost of expensive also cannot be ignored.

6. A hand
Using automatic dishwasher can keep your hands away from hand washing detergent chemical composition to you about the dangers of hand skin, and the use of the kitchen discomfort brought by the rubber gloves.
Artificial wash dishes: existence use detergent chemical damage.

7. A more secure

Using automatic dishwasher can greatly reduce the tableware damage due to artificial washing the dishes.
Artificial wash dishes: tableware damage rate is high, it is hard to control.

8. More clean

At any time used by the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, through a washing clean. Clean the dishes can be stored in the dishwasher, kitchen naturally become clean and tidy.
Artificial washing the dishes, clean tableware unavoidable dishes everywhere, wash bowl fester, between employees in the kitchen to walk easily slip and fall.

9. Replace the disinfection cabinet

Dishwasher to wash dishes, in addition to bacteria, drying and storage function as a whole, compared to the disinfection cabinet, it besides can tableware disinfection and storage, can wash the dishes. Accordingly, after using a dishwasher can no longer use alexipharmic ark, dishwasher drying and storage functions effectively prevent bacteria growth and reproduction.

Artificial wash dishes: must be equipped with disinfection cabinet, otherwise easy to excessive residual bacteria.