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Commercial kitchen drainage way
Source: | Author:pmo4119a9 | Publish time: 2016-03-03 | 63 Views | Share:

Commercial kitchen drainage way

A pipe line
Commercial kitchen drainage tube is mostly used for equipment, facilities in open trench near point and short connecting pipe, outside the kitchen is commonly used in interior network and outdoor separation tank with municipal sewage pipeline connection.
Commercial kitchen is given priority to with open trench discharge way, within 150 mm diameter tube row, outdoor in sewage main pipe diameter should not less than 200 mm.

Second groove
Pumping is the main mode of commercial kitchen sewage. Each operation or region has set the open trench. Open ditch above should be stamped with cast iron or stainless steel grating, grating shall also have the can be picked up at any time on the activities of the stainless steel plate.
Commercial kitchen open trench should be not more than 30 m, the length of the groove of the gradient should be 0.5% to 2%. The highest point of the open trench (begin) in 50-80 - mm, the depth of the end of the pumping well to set up the sediment and rat box device, etc.

Three pool row

More in a particular area of the commercial kitchen equipment and drainage point and displacement is large, can consider to use pool row form, such as raw materials for rough machining, tableware wash rooms, etc.
Pool row method is in the kitchen to plane the following setup a pool, pool size to include this region all drain points shall prevail. Pool and open drain connected, and do in outlet slag basket.
Pool depth is in commonly 80-200 - mm, can choose according to the construction site conditions.