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The function of commercial kitchen department
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The function of commercial kitchen department

Commercial kitchen function varies with the size of the catering enterprises and business varies from one flavor and style. Large, integrated kitchen scale, catering business contact, each department function more fully. Figure 2-7 for a large, comprehensive catering enterprises kitchen function diagram. Medium and small catering enterprises some features are merged together of the kitchen, contact structure is relatively simple.


Operations of the kitchen is the kitchen together each post, each type of work process. Raw materials into the kitchen, through processing, distribution, cooking, and cold dishes, snacks and other type of work, post corresponding processing, stage to the finished product can be sent to the pantry, used to pass food sales, therefore, the kitchen, each job post all bear the indispensable important functions.

1. The processing department

Processing department is the first production of raw materials into the kitchen, is mainly responsible for the vegetables, aquatic products, livestock, meat and other materials to cull, washing, slaughter, finishing, the so-called raw; Dry up, washing of raw materials, processing also in pretreating category. Modern kitchen obvious strengthening processing function of the kitchen, on the basis of pretreating the raw material, it also knife cutting processing according to the specifications for raw materials, and make preliminary pulping pickled, this call processing or finishing. Thus, in the whole kitchen production, the knife handle work, basic processing departments to complete. Given the workload increases, processing department of each match, cooking department has a foundation, the influence of the long-term, also known as add ? processing department

In chain catering enterprises, group, will expand some processing department, such as some raw materials on the basis of processing, seasoning, vacuum packing, according to the requirements of specification to reach the chain outlets directly used for cooking, after sales. Therefore, some chain, group catering enterprise must, in the processing of the kitchen, on the basis of building (processing) distribution center, or call center.

2. The side dishes department

Side dish department is also called the anvil block or cutting boards, responsible for the raw material of the has been processed in accordance with the requirements of making the dishes for main ingredient, ingredients, is expected to head (also called small material, mainly is match to the flavoured dishes in the function of green onion, ginger, garlic, etc.) the combination of compatibility. Is due to the raw materials used are clean, but also directly decided each dish and each raw materials on the quantity, therefore, the raw material cost control plays an important role.

Some small-scale catering enterprises, production is not big kitchen, its dishes department and distribution department. Is only responsible for processing department for preliminary processing all kinds of raw materials, washing, sorting, and raw materials such as cutting, plasma pickled knife handle, fine processing, together with the side dishes are completed in the department, it in all production processing and cooking stoves bridge and the link between the role.

3. The stove department

Need after cooking to eat hot food, have to the department of the stoves. Stoves department is responsible for will be prepared to complete the combination of the raw material, after heating, sterilization, disinfection and seasonings, make it meet the requirements of the flavor, texture, nutrition, health products. The department decided to food color, fragrance, flavor, texture, temperature, etc., is the most busy kitchen during the meal, is also the largest impact on product quality, order department.

4. Department of cold dishes

Cold dish department is responsible for the cold dish (also called cold dish) knife handle, pickling, cooking, and work to change the knife on the plate. Cold dishes and hot dishes, cut with procedure does not completely consistent, cold dish cooking before match, mostly on the plate. As a result, its production, the production and distribution, the plate is separated. Cold dish location distribution, plate special requirements of the low temperature, sterile, employees and their operating hygiene requirements are very high. According to the geographical, eating habits and cultural differences, some local varieties of cold dishes, very little and consumers prefer eating barbecue, spiced dishes, or salads and other varieties, these dishes are usually more as a similar function of cold dish of vegetables or appetizer before released.

5. Pastry department

Dessert snacks production and supply department is mainly responsible for. Chinese food in guangdong flavor snack kitchen department is also responsible for the production and supply of the market snacks. Some snacks department management of desserts, Fried noodles, food production. Western snack bar is also called packet cake room, is mainly responsible for all kinds of bread, cakes, sweets and so on the production and supply.