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Commercial kitchen the types of processing equipment
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Commercial kitchen the types of processing equipment


Commercial kitchen processing equipment mainly refers to the raw material for peeling, cutting, breaking, such as processing, segmentation, and pastry made with noodles, filling, molding equipment, etc.
1. The vegetables processing machine
Vegetable processing machine is equipped with a variety of cutting tool, usually can cut vegetables, melons and fruits cooking materials into pieces, sheet, bar, wire, etc. Various shapes, and cut out the raw material thickness uniformity, and uniformity.

2. Peel vegetables machine
Vegetable peeling machine is used to remove the potato, carrot, taro, ginger brittle quality, and the root and stem vegetables such as skin, use friction between centrifugal movement and material to achieve effect except for its skin.

3. The slicer
Slicing machine adopts gear drive way, the case for one-piece stainless steel structure, easy maintenance, clean, the blade used for casting molding, the blade sharp and durable. Slicing machine is cutting, cutting meat and cutting brittle vegetables slices of special tools. This machine is only a tool, but can according to need, to adjust the thickness of the cutting plane. Slicing machine commonly used in the kitchen to cut all kinds of cold meat, potatoes, Laura, lotus root, especially planer sliced mutton hotpot, the size, thickness, consistent, cut by the provincial labor, use frequency is very high.

4. The food chopper
Food chopper can quickly for salads, stuffing, such as chopped meat, stir processing. Basin of stainless steel knife rotating at high speed at the same time, food is also in rotation, high processing efficiency. Food and basin are removable cover, the equipment is cleaned. The machine in the sausage stuffing, hamburgers, all kinds of snacks filling processing stir is very convenient, as shown in figure! ! ".

5. Bone saw machine

Bone saw machine is made of stainless steel frame, a motor device, circular hacksaw blade, working flat steel plate, thick width adjusting device and the external surface of stainless steel. It is mainly used to cut large pieces of meat with bone, such as ham, pork loin, ribs, (bone steak, sirloin steak, ribs, cowboy twotooth achyranthes root, cattle, pig feet and frozen chunks of beef meat, pork and other food raw material. The bone saw machine is through the motor driven in annular hacksaw blade to cut food products, is a large hotels, restaurants, cut its distribution center, processing kitchen indispensable equipment, especially the western-style food kitchen work! Bone steak, sirloin steak, cowboy knees are great role.

6. Meat grinder

Meat grinder stranded by the frame, transmission parts, shaft, reamer, aperture grille. Frame for a box body, transmission is simple, the output of the motor pulley by the reduction gear, the power transmitted to ground shaft rotation. Twisted axis is a spiral shaft to meat. Reamer, together with the twisted axis rotation, between reamer and the shaft shear grating. The other side of the reamer is the output of meat hole grille. When used to put the meat into small pieces and to skin to bone, again by entry into meat grinder, start the machine in the hole after grille out of meat. Minced meat thickness can be made of the number of times to decide, twisted repeatedly several times, meat is more finely. Stranded the machine can also be used for cutting all kinds of vegetables, fruits, dry bread crumbs, etc., easy to use, USES is very wide.


Mixer, there are two major types of vertical mixer and horizontal mixer. Mixer is generally composed of frame, gear reducer, mixer, cylinder and other parts. When using, should clean the material cylinder and required mixing the flour into the cylinder, and then start the motor, the machine running unattended plenty of water slowly join in cylinder, close the lid began mixing dough. When discharging, must stop the machine running rear preferable to group. Vertical mixer has the advantage that when the dough mixing, reaction. Smooth and even, material cylinder is easy to clean and replace agitator is convenient. Horizontal mixer has the advantage of simple structure, large capacity of mixer adopts horizontal.


8. The multi-function mixer
Multi-function mixer structure similar to ordinary mixer, multi-function mixer can be replaced by a variety of stir head, suitable for mixing the raw material is wider, such as the whip the eggs, and, mixing paste, etc., can also be used for mixing west cream, with a variety of purposes.

9. Rolling machine
Rolling machine, also called noodle press. Rolling machine is used for the water mass, pastry group, such as double to repeated rolling thin reaches a certain degree of required special machinery and equipment, with rolling face uniform thickness, forming the standard, convenient operation, labor saving, efficiency obviously, etc.
The bread was partitioned rounder
Partitioned rounder bread will have the success of the dough to block and rounded, with uniform block, rub into the bread of round and smooth, easy operation, high efficiency, low labor intensity, etc.

11. Steamed bread machine
Steamed bread machine consists of frame, reducer, screw feeder, cutter body, forming roller and other parts. Use, first start the machine, and then mixing group evenly to the face of the feeder cost, at the same time pay attention to the dough to near the surface of leaves, in order to ensure the continuous feeding and steamed bun of billet weight evenly, use the regulating handle can properly control the weight of the steamed bread billet.