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Commercial kitchen plumbing facilities design principles
Source: | Author:pmo4119a9 | Publish time: 2016-03-03 | 35 Views | Share:

Because of the commercial kitchen special technical requirements and actual situation, to design and construction in strict accordance with the relevant specification, combine the actual environmental conditions prevail in the design, design to ensure reliable index of safety and high efficiency. Commercial kitchen plumbing facilities design should follow the following guidelines:

1.Technology to connect    

Commercial kitchen new and retrofit projects are to interface technology. Commercial kitchen and water flow, level, must according to kitchen equipment layout design. The kitchen planning, using personnel shall put forward the design requirements as soon as possible, as soon as possible to complete the kitchen layout design, the designer can according to the equipment layout design. Should one pace reachs the designated position, make design to minimize the secondary design and secondary construction. Before the kitchen equipment layout plan has not yet been determined, the architectural design department for specific point, water quantity, it is not clear, can according to the technical parameters of the game, such as number of repast, area size, about design of the fuzzy number of devices. Generally most of small and medium-sized hotel is to use existing home renovation, existing facilities can not meet the needs of the catering business,

2.Professional design

For general small and medium-sized catering management place, mostly in the use of existing home renovation, reconstruction project most infrastructure don't form a complete set of problems. The kitchen a little bit big, if only by experience construction will have its gaps and layout of the upper and lower water flow and the pipe is the most main problem. The same is true for new construction, commercial kitchen design layout to have professional design as soon as possible, drawing a kitchen that executives, provides the effective design basis for the design department.

3.Detailed design

Commercial kitchen plumbing facilities design, want to consider the specific point of cooperate with equipment and other pipeline space, try to improve precision of the elaboration, to comply with national and local relevant specification of detailed design. Design for each point, and obtain the specific technical requirements, construction bring a lot of convenience. For example, the pipe slope, the depth of the separation tank and the height of the in and out of the gate, according to the height of the municipal party committee municipal pipe sewer pipe, indoor height, a detailed calculation, and arranged the main path.

4.Practical reliability

In order to ensure the reliability of the supporting facilities, at design time, place, in strict accordance with the relevant specification design consideration to the particularity of specific application level, properly raising the standard of design material standards. Control the construction cost, not to reduce facility reliability as a benchmark. For example, general tank drain for the (plastic pipe, however, in the commercial kitchen discharge sewage containing fat, sediment more downcomer, consider oil condensation, vegetable, sediment of pipeline jam problem, DN75 tube should be used. Discharge hot water, or need to use hot water pipe condensate oil hoses, thick skin and heat-resistant plastic pipe should be used.

5.The reserved design principles

Is calculated by specification of relevant data with certain allowance for practical applications. If, after the confirmation of general building facilities fluctuation increase traffic facilities, changes in pipe difficulty is larger. To consider to meet the need of market management and kitchen changing technology and increasing requirements of equipment, but also to increase water surrounding the water problem, want to leave room, when the design set aside part of flow rate and fluctuation point, etc., can be used as wash water mouth at ordinary times.

6.Easy access

Commercial kitchen plumbing facilities design, especially in the water, convenient check periodically maintenance must be considered. Check repair parts for the inconvenience, when the design must be reliably and check the technical measures of maintenance, reduce the difficulty of the repair. Sewer pipe, for example, through to the building or underneath, and will try to set the access port in commercial kitchen, export a separation tank, and try to shorten the length of horizontal tube, as far as possible to reduce maintenance difficulty.

7.Humanized design

Designers must understand the commercial kitchen operation, operation process, the implementation of humanized design. As far as possible to provide convenience for the kitchen staff, should take into account the specific operation, set up to the nearest pool. Thoughtful design thinking, a durable and convenient for the kitchen.


Commercial kitchen should have special plumbing facilities, such as open drains, separation tank, odor-proof insect rat function such as design, floor drain, pipe shall be considered together, don't leak. The function of item, after construction is difficult to make up for.

9.Comply with local laws

State and local stage for the corresponding provisions of the commercial kitchen. Departments of examination and acceptance of construction quality, environmental protection and the health and quarantine departments, some property sector also puts forward some special requirements. According to the relevant laws and regulations to carry on the design, the design scheme to earlier reports, facilitate solutions for examination and approval and acceptance check.